Chris Blais and the Chris Blais Medical Fund

The Chris Blais Medical Fund was established to support the rehabilitation of Red Bull KTM off-road star Chris Blais who suffered a spinal cord injury while pre-running the Vegas to Reno race.

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October 2007

Here are some shots of Chris at Project Walk in Carlsbad. He just began physical therapy there a couple of weeks ago and he's very motivated by the high-intensity program they've designed for him. Project Walk is a far cry from traditional therapy that he's received up until now and for a high-rev guy like Chris, it suits him very well.
"They really kick my ass here," offers Chris during a break in the action. "This place caters to injured athletes from all types of sports and I'm thankful to be able to benefit from Project Walk."

Read more about Project Walk.
Chirs Blais in rehab

September 17, 2007

Greetings all,
After a few weeks in the hospital and at the Loma Linda rehab center, Chris is back home with Patty in Apple Valley. I stopped by their place last Thursday on my way up to Scot Harden's Nevada Rally Experience IV and as you'd all expect Chris was busy as ever working out pit logistics for 'his' Red Bull KTM Baja 1000 team. The pit support emails were distributed via email by he and Patty early last week and as of Thursday they were prepping for a night test with Quinn Cody and David Pearson somewhere in the desert near their home.

As you can see in the photos Chris was buzzing himself around his workshop making sure that his riders have whatever they need to compete at the highest level this November in Baja. Despite still healing from his spinal injuries and learning how to deal with life from a wheelchair he is focused on racing and if he can't be the guy twisting the throttle, he'll do the next best thing: helping his buddies do it. Talk about an inspiration! The KTM XC bike Chris is photographed with is the last bike he built prior to leaving for the fateful Vegas to Reno pre-run that put him in a wheelchair.

"I built this 540 XC with all the good stuff on it," said Chris. "It's a bike we could have raced if a decision was made not to compete on the factory 690 Baja bike."

Chris and Patty would like to thank all of you for your visits, your cards, emails, and Chris Blais Medical Fund donations that have been very helpful. There are many, many who have donated and helped and I apologize for not knowing all of you or being able to thank you face to face.

Special thanks to the many outstanding individuals and companies who have helped Chris and Patty Blais:
Our Parents and Families; The entire Off-Road Community; Bruce Vermeulen of Rider Down (; John Sawazhki and Roger Ganner - sponsors of Chris' custom wheelchair; Malcolm Smith; Gabriele Mazarrolo of Alpinestars; Scot Harden of KTM Adventure Tours; Justyn Amstutz of National Powersport Auctions; Brent Harden of Pole Position; Chris' Dakar posse of Joe Barker and Johnathan Edwards, M.D.; Thomas Ueberall, Paul Crandell, Mike Vicente, Geoff Hannen, Andreas Meinrad, Dane Herron, Chantal Chretien the great folks at Red Bull; DUST mag's McClellan's, Chad and Mark; Dirt Rider editor and mega-marathon hero runner Jimmy Lewis; Kurt Nicoll and Winni Kerschhaggl at KTM; Corey Eastman, Chris Worden and the Cycleworld mag crew; Casey Folks and Diane Delauer of Best In The Desert; fundraiser extraordinaire Jenn Thornton of District 37; Troy Lee and Bob Weber; Chris Robinson of California Super Trucks; IMS; GPR; Precision Concepts; Lipert Racing; Cyclenews' Jean Turner; Kurt and Rich Caselli; Destry Abbot; Steve Olligas Family, Parents, & Race Team; Wayne Lugo; ALL OF BITD CREW & RACERS; Bremerton Cruisers MC; Roger/Gearhead MX T-Shirts; ALL DISTRICT 37 MC CLUBS; MRAN RACING; Kim Carpenter District 37; Chris Johnson District 37; The Grider Family; The Dempseys; Photos by Grumpy; Baja Designs; District 38; Sign Pros, Ed 'Clyde' Stout (TT #13 and a Blais friend from elementary school!); Monster (Johnny Campbell); Metal Mulisha; Extreme Doors, Inc.; Track Side Performance; Orange County Pools; SCORE Racing; Totally Off-Road Radio; Yokohama/your racers who donated; Schmuckle Painting, Inc. and the American Honda off-road crew.

Please forgive me, I'm missing a bunch of you and I'm, sorry! I would like to fly your flag here so do not hesitate to remind me!

Thank you all for your attention, care and donations,
Scott Cox
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